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Beta Program

We offer existing customers the opportunity to join our beta program.
This entitles you to become an early adopter of "in development" functionality, with opportunity to actively participate in feedback and the new features.

Release Schedule
Release Stage 1: Development (D release) for initial testing by Burconix Staff.
Additional development/releases/feedback based on internal feedback.
Release Stage 2: Beta (B release) available for participants of the beta program.
Additional development/releases/feedback based on beta program participant feedback.
Release Stage 3: Alpha (A release) final release to all customers.

Advanced notification of a beta release is issued via email on the same day as release. All BCX updates are automatic via a nightly scheduled task on your BCX server, which puts you in full control of whether you receive a beta. If you decide to skip a specific release you can simply disable the scheduled task on your server, and re-enable it when notified of the next release.

You can also opt out completely at any time via an email or phone call.

While running in beta we may collect the following data:
Station information including windows version, CPU utilisation and performance statistics, number of users/stations on the network and their utilisation.