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v4 Development Preview - Client Policy

17th March 2020

We have added a Client Policy tool to allow multiple BCX Client settings to be applied on different stations.
This has been introduced to allow greater flexibility for specific network setups.

v4 Development Preview - Updating shortcuts now even easier

01st February 2020

The display option in shortcut properties has been replaced with edit, which now displays the shortcut allowing you to edit and test in explorer, with any changes made being detected and imported back into BCX automatically.

v4 Development Preview - Shared shortcut assignments

31st January 2020

Shortcut group assignments have been replaced by shared shortcut assignments.
You can now use the assignment tab to set a shortcut to share its assignment with another shortcut(s), without having to link them to a group. This simplifies managing assignments for shortcuts that all need to be deployed together. On v4 upgrade from previous versions, any legacy shortcut group assignments will be converted to shared automatically.

v4 Development Preview – First look at adding assignments in Shortcut Management

28th January 2020

The modernised v4 interface for Shortcut Management has new controls with many more filter views and options.

We have started testing the improved UI for adding assignments, which now includes a search function with full CN path view to help identify the correct objects when managing across multiple schools within the same domain. Typing in the search box will dynamically start to build a list of results as you go, the more you type, the more refined the list becomes.

We have also updated the quick add function, so the search now displays all possible OUs, groups and objects, with checkboxes to allow for multiple selections all in the same action.

BCX Network Management Tools - Release v3.0.1.7

29th November 2019

This update brings some minor updates and stability fixes to BCX Client, with support for Windows 10 build 1909. We have also added the ability to add custom data about stations under Station Information, and support for pin to OpenShell Start Menu.

The full client release notes are available at

Internal testing of v3.0.1.7 has started

01st November 2019

With our main BCX development focus now on completing the release of version 4, we have completed a minor update to address some of the outstanding issues and requests reported. This is currently being tested, with a planned release later this month.

BCX Network Monitoring

07th October 2019

Burconix are developing a hosted solution for remotely monitoring all aspects of your network from a remote location. This includes the hardware status of storage and physical servers, as well as disk space on VMs, core switch bandwidth and even printer toner levels. We are hoping to have this worked into a new product/service available to all in time for Christmas.

BCX Development Update

23rd September 2019

BCX version 4 is now well underway, with the BCX Server Service having been re-written utilising new multithreading technologies available in .NET 4.6. Initial testing shows a speed increase of around 40% for the AD Sync progress. We will keep you updated on further progress as it happens.

BCX Network Management Tools - Release v3.0.1.6

12th July 2019

This update brings support for Windows 10 build 1903, as well options for managing additional AD attributes from within BCX and importing and exporting shortcut and package data between BCX instances. We have also added a new client tool that will optionally allow users to sync and run logon themselves from the user start menu.

The full client release notes are available at

Prism Deploy Packager 17

04th June 2019

The latest release of Prism Deploy Packager has arrived, bringing the removal of the 64-bit package size limit, effectively allowing unlimited sized packages.
There are also additional rule improvements and compatibility for Windows 10 build 1903.

Prism Deploy Packager 17 Integrator for BCX is now available for in maintenance customers, contact support@burconix.com to arrange an upgrade of your Prism installation.

Internal testing of v3.0.1.6 has started

30th May 2019

Internal testing of v3.0.1.6 has begun in house, we hope to complete this bout of testing ready for participants of the beta program shortly.
While update.burconix.com continues to function normally, owing to changes with an external web hosting company, we have switched from ade4379d.servage-customer.net to secureupdate.burconix.com for our SSL mirror.

Run user logon and sync from user start menu

23rd May 2019

We have completed a public beta of BCX Client Simulate, a client tool initially created some time back for internal testing to signal a re-run logon from a user station. We have now improved the tool by adding more options via command line parameters and included optional on-screen confirmations to end users. We plan to make it part of the next client update, with 2 default shortcuts automatically being added into BCX Manager on update. If you want to allow users to Run User Logon themselves, you can assign the newly added default shortcuts which will appear under Start Accessories to your chosen users.

Import and export package tasks and shortcut information

22nd May 2019

We are testing the ability to import and export shortcuts and package task details. This allows custom lists to be created and filtered from within a spreadsheet, but also allows the transfer of common shortcuts and packages when managing multiple instances of BCX within a single trust.

User information for multiple sites in the same domain

21st May 2019

We are working to speed up User Information for sites where there are multiple additional user OUs included at the BCX server to support multiple schools in the same trust domain. We have added in hard filters to the manager, and are testing the manager settings.xml with multiple FilterIgnoreADSUsersOU entries so that User Information does not populate unnecessarily those users who are not present at the site.

Edit multiple user attributes from within BCX Manager

17th May 2019

We have completed the first development draft of a feature that will allow use of an additional variable tab under user properties, with user defined attributes. These attributes can also be included in the importer tool to be populated on creation.

Rename computer accounts not always showing the new name correctly

15th May 2019

We have had several reports over recent months that stations are not always renaming correctly. Initially we thought this was related to the recent, rename and move OU feature added into BCX Rename Computer, however this occurs both within BCX Rename, and native windows rename. We have found a few other people with similar issues historically on forums, but it seems to have become more pertinent in the latest Windows 10 builds.

On closer inspection it seems that the netbios and fqdn update correctly, but the CN name in active directory remains the old name. While the rename has technically completed successfully, it shows incorrectly in Active Directory Users and Computers and in some parts of BCX. While very difficult to replicate in house, we are currently trialling adding in validation to our tool to check the CN name post rename, and amend if Active Directory services hasn’t already completed the change, and hope to have this included in the next release.

Logon Session UI additions

18th April 2019

We have added a button toolbar as well as right click options under Logon Sessions, to allow the Release and Refresh, Sync and Run Logon. This has also been extended to support multi selection for all options.

Moving to dot NET 4 for version 4

01st April 2019

Development of BCX version is well underway. Currently all parts of the tools are being re-developed to take advantage of the development features of .NET 4 and later frameworks. Version 4 of our software will be compiled using dot NET 4, removing the need for dot NET 2 and 3.5 prerequisites. More details on the improved/additional functionality will be added in due course. In the meantime, we are aiming for a feature update point release of version 3 in time for the summer.

Basic asset tag for stations

15th March 2019

We have added in a variable text asset tag column into station information. This can be entered on mass by clicking in the column entry, typing the data and then pressing enter to move onto the next item. The columns under Station Information can be reordered by clicking and dragging them into the desired order. This order is saved in your BCX Manager profile on closing the manager.