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Release Notes


This update brings some minor updates and stability fixes to BCX Client, with support for Windows 10 build 1909.
We have also added the ability to add custom data about stations under Station Information, and support for pin to OpenShell Start Menu.

-BCX Manager - Added MISSync prefix option to allow multiple MIS Sync to different sources within the same domain.
-BCX Manager - Added additional tab to Station Information configurable from File - Settings for up to 10 visible custom columns.
-BCX Manager - Added setting under users and computers to disable primary SMTP match mail attribute check.
-BCX Manager - Added in Windows 10 shortcut and package task filter options for build 1909.
-BCX Manager - Added Show all Users on User Information to clear FilterIgnoreADSUsersOU settings for the session.
-BCX Manager - Updated Move User Template logic to read the account disabled flag on the destination OU when moving objects.
-BCX Manager - Fixed bug where setting a default assignment on a new shortcut when the list is filtered.
-BCX Manager - Fixed bug where unable to update MISSync user password.
-BCX Manager - Fixed issue where deleting an object in AD throws access denied if a child objects exists.
-BCX Client App - Added OpenShell support for shortcuts using Pin to Start.
-BCX Client Service - Patched unknown logon mode when autologon used and the UI starts before the initial sync has completed.
-BCX Client Service - Patched issue where network cards with a pipe in their name stop the client syncing.
-BCX Client Service - Added support for Windows 10 build 1909.
-BCX Rename Computer - Increased OU path support to resolve not all OUs appearing as available move to options.
-BCX File Connector - Detects trailing backslash and resolves on user paths to fix error 9 when creating shares.
-BCX Server Service - Extends the database to support new features included in this release.