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Release Notes


This update brings support for Windows 10 build 1903, as well options for managing additional AD attributes from within BCX and importing and exporting shortcut and package data between BCX instances. We have also added a new client tool that will optionally allow users to sync and run logon themselves from the user start menu.

-BCX Manager - Added ability to add an extra tab to user details with custom multiple AD user attributes.
-BCX Manager - Added ability to CSV import additional multiple AD user attributes.
-BCX Manager - Added asset tag column into station information with bulk editor support.
-BCX Manager - Added in Windows 10 shortcut and package task filter options for build 1511 and 1903.
-BCX Manager - Added FilterIgnoreADSUsersOU to settings.xml filter out User Information not required at a site.
-BCX Manager - Added ability to import and export shortcut and package data including filter properties to allow easier sharing between instances.
-BCX Manager - Added buttons toolbar to logon sessions, with ability to add sync and run user logon.
-BCX Manager - Added debug mode status to Station Information.
-BCX Manager - Added enter/exit client debug mode and check for updates from within Station Information.
-BCX Manager - Added in user cannot change password into user details and user templates.
-BCX Manager - Added pre-apply check logic on user properties password checkbox options.
-BCX Manager - Updated MIS Compare UI to force MIS and AD image sizes to match so that rows line up correctly.
-BCX Manager - Updated the search tool in Station Information to also search serial and asset tag.
-BCX Manager - Updated station details notes tab to include asset tag.
-BCX Manager - Updated feedback and bug report tool to include subject with new types to match development website.
-BCX Manager - Updated move user data wizard to address symbolic link issue when transferring user data between servers.
-BCX Manager - Fixed current selection clearing on searched shortcut list when clicking save.
-BCX Manager - Fixed right click validate user area showing error when %s% in use for connect path.
-BCX Manager - Fixed not saving account expiry date the first time when creating a new OU Template.
-BCX Client Service - Added support for Windows 10 build 1903.
-BCX Client Service - Added remote switching into debug mode as well as reporting back debug status.
-BCX Client Service - Fixed issue where BCX Client reports build 1507 as 10240 affecting "greater than" shortcut and package filters.
-BCX Client Service - Detect no network card as none instead of unknown for wireless only devices.
-BCX Client Application - Updated check hidden consistency on pinned items to cleanup only when BCX assigned.
-BCX Client Simulate - Added new tool to client directory to allow user re-run logon and sync from local start menus.
-BCX Rename Computer - Added CN name validation post rename with auto correction function to verify all parts of the name have updated in AD before restart.
-BCX Server Service - Fixed remote rebuild getting stuck in a loop when zero packages are assigned after a rebuild.
-BCX Server Service - Updated create package tasks on demand to include shortcut linked tasks.
-BCX Server Service - Added trigger to update user templates on user security group name change.
-BCX Server Service - Fixed first sync post windows upgrade package task list applying based on the previous windows build number.
-BCX Server Service - Extends the database to support new features included in this release.
-BCX Exchange Connector - Fixed Exchange 2010 connector compatibility issues for BCX Manager v3.0.1.4 and later.
-BCX File Server Connector - Updated logic to disconnect any ghost sessions to allow removal of the username_BCXMove from old location when data has been moved to a new server.